Hey, I’m Michaela.


I’m a keen traveler; there’s nothing quite like finding your way  around a new place. Right?

Having caught the travel bug not that long ago, I have since been making time to go and explore more of Europe. My home city of London being the perfect hub for international travel. 

I’m not a full-time traveler, I currently have a full-time job, and us lot work the 9-5 and only get the minimum amount of annual leave, but hey, it’s about making the most of that time, so at every opportunity you’ll find me Googling new places, nosying through others’ travel blogs, seeking out the budget flights and jumping on a plane. It’s surprising how much of the world you can see on the odd long weekend… or five. 

Oh, and the name?

Flipping Perfect. Because let’s be honest, this planet… it kind of is, isn’t it? 

Coming Up This Year:

York (Feb, 2016)
Barcelona (March 2016)
Bratislava (June 2016)
Vienna (June 2016)
Brussels (July 2016)
Berlin (August 2016)
Reykjavik (September 2016)
Warsaw (November 2016)

Next… open to ideas!