January Round-Up

Happy Monday and welcome February! I haven’t written for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve been an busy bee making sure all of my Destination Guides are totally complete and up to scratch and getting back into Twittering (@HeyImMichaela). My blog is also a whole month old now (yippee!), and I’m so happy with the initial reach – your favourite countries to read about are also my favourite countries to visit; both of my Iceland and Slovenia pages have been super popular, thank you guys for your shares and comments, it means a great deal!

So 2016 has gotten off to a slow-ish start, but as they say, last month is just a trial run for the real thing, so let’s kick 2016 into the next gear and get going!

I’ve got some exciting trips lined up for this year already, but hoping to book in some more before the year is out. So far I have been researching the hell out of Barcelona for my up-coming holiday to Spain. I’ve wanted to visit Barcelona since forever… the artist in me is dying to see the incredible Gaudi’s and the Picasso museum and my foodie loving side is eager to get stuck into oodles of paella, tapas, churros and sangria. I’ve chosen March because I think I’ve finally learnt that I don’t function well in crazy temperatures, so the mild spring weather should be perfect exploring conditions, as long as the rain holds off (fingers crossed for me, yeah?). I shall be visiting for four days and staying central; a few minutes stroll from Las Ramblas. I hope to pack everything I want to do into those short few days, as well as giving myself time to soak up the Spanish way of life!


[Image Credit of Barcelona: TimeOut.com]
[Top Photo Credit of Barcelona Globo-rojo.com]

I’m hoping to take a second break around May time, but this will be budget dependant because my next two booked trips are likely to stretch my wallet somewhat. In mid-July I’ve booked a four-day trip to Brussels, the capital of Belgium. This is a return trip as I’ve been here before a couple of years ago. I adored the Belgian beer, the amazing pub-culture (better than English pubs? – maybe!) the pretty streets, the moules, frites, waffles (Oh so seriously yum)! A lot of people tend to by-pass this unique city on their Euro-travels, but guys, you’re all missing out! I’ve chosen to book up a second trip here for my bachelorette weekend ahead of my Wedding in September. I hope to be spending my four-days here eating and drinking well and relaxing in this quaint city with family and friends. Should be a great group holiday!

This then brings me to September and my Wedding / third trip to the stunning country of Iceland! Having gotten engaged at Jokulsarlon on the South Coast this time last year, we opted to return to say our vows in Vik. We’ll be basing ourselves in Reykjavik and taking a day trip to the church and then spending the rest of the week pampering ourselves in the many geothermal pools, perhaps snorkelling in Silfra this time, going another trip boat trip to see if we can spot any whales (third time lucky eh?), and gorging on excellent sea food and copious amounts of hot dogs, of course! Iceland has been getting hugely popular over the last few years, so no doubt we’ll notice a marked increase in the number of tourists.

I also hope to take a few days trips in and around my home country of the UK, there’s still loads of places that are pretty local to me that I’ve yet to go and see!

So anyway, that’s me all caught up with you…

Let me know what you’re doing and what your plans are for the next few months. Any one got and tips and tricks for me for my Barcelona travels? Got any suggestions for a short break in May? And let me know if you’re also going to be heading to Brussels or Reykjavik and what you’re most looking forward to?

9 thoughts on “January Round-Up

  1. Go to the bunkers del Carmel during your time in Barcelona! Definitly the best view over the whole of Barcelona! Bars to visit are the Ambar at Rambla de Raval and Oviso at Placa de Georges Orwell. Both good places to enjoy a gin tonic or two 😉

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  2. I live just south of Barcelona and I absolutely love it. The Sagrada Familia is a must see and definitely worth the price of admission. Basically anything Gaudi is amazing. Be careful of Las Ramblas after sunset.

    Belgium is one of my favorite countries. I recommend going to Ghent for a day if you can. I forget how far away it is by train. Don’t be like me in Brussels when I ran out of cash and couldn’t find an ATM anywhere! And none of the ATMs liked my American credit card. Boooo.

    Best of luck on your travels!

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    1. Thanks for reading and for your comment – good to know about las ramblas, I’ll definitely bear that in mind! I had heard that the streets around the area aren’t too good after dark, because people know it’s only tourists. I’ll make sure not to head that way late on.

      I was thinking perhaps Ghent! Good to hear it recommended, because I was t sure if it would be worth it – I’ll have to look up trains 🙂
      Oh no – hope you managed to find some cash eventually! X


      1. I don’t remember if it was cable car or bus but i definitely did use some sort of transportation to get up there, and walked back down, I think. It’s been so long I don’t remember the details, but the view was very nice in my memory 🙂


  3. Looks like you’ve got some exciting travels ahead of you! I can’t wait to read more of your work. Also…wedding in Iceland?! That’s the coolest! Congratulations!!


    1. Totally – i’m so excited for Spain! Finally getting to see Barcelona. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to book it! I am hoping for good things; people keep telling me how much they love the city.
      And yeah, ha! Iceland wedding! I think we are just ahead of the trend though – it’s just been featured in Vogue as a ‘in’ wedding destination. Darn it, everyone’s going to be getting married in Iceland soon! It’s taking a lot of planning though.. it’ll be worth it in the end! 🙂 I’m excited to show my family why I love the country so much!


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