Exploring England; Tourist in my own country. Cass Sculpture Foundation in Goodwood, Chichester

The Cass Sculpture Foundation: Photo Essay

Although we love getting caught up, dreaming of (and going to!) faraway lands, exotic beaches, different cultures and amazing city’s, it’s easy to forgo the fantastic places on our own doorstep.
A great experience doesn’t need to mean getting on a plane, just go somewhere new once in a while, anywhere that gets you off your regular commute or succumbing to Netflix of a weekend… uh, again.

The Telegraph recently published this article, suggesting their own ‘British Bucket List’, ashamed to say that despite calling England home for 26 years, I can only tick off one of these! Is that terrible? 

I wanted to share a few photos that I took last summer of my day trip to West Sussex, a few hours’ drive south of London, through seriously cute villages; think thatched cottages, typical English pubs, cosy beer gardens and rolling hills, so lush! I visited the Cass Sculpture Foundation which is an impressive sculpture park spanning 26 acres in a beautiful woodland setting. This is English countryside at its best!
Alongside the fabulous art installations, we spotted baby deer, frogs (as pictured!) and lots and lots of cows. I guess It doesn’t take much for us London lot to get excited huh?

The foundation was founded by Wilfred and Jeanette Cass, both have worked hard in helping many established and emerging artists realise their work. The sculpture park is constantly being renewed with more work as sculptures are purchased and then others’ commissioned, so it can easily become place that will beckon you back year after year. 

You can find out more about the Cass Sculpture Foundation here. Click for opening times, entrance fees and directions. Currently the park is open between spring and autumn, and in the winter by appointment only.









Do you also live in England? Or have you recently visited the UK? Where’s your favourite place to visit? 

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