Exploring Croatia: Day Tripping to Krka National Park

Krka is one of Croatia’s national parks located in Central Dalmatia a few hours’ drive from Split, it’s a place that has been ‘Pinned’ within an inch of it’s life and constantly popping up on my IG feed, but for good reason; it’s so darn gorgeous, i’m sure places like this are what #nofilter was invented for!

Basing ourselves in the stunning coastal town of Split, we were originally in two minds whether to pay a visit the smaller but closer Krka or head to the larger, more famous Plitvice. Eventually, it boiled down to budget restrictions, and we didn’t have the time to do both, especially since we had a rafting trip booked for another day. We were also advised that whereas Plitvice tempts you with gorgeous turquoise lakes and stunning waterfalls, it’s a protected area and it’s a no-swim zone – but as I discovered through The Blond Abroad’s travel blog – you can bathe in Krka’s waterfall.

It was August, 30 degrees and hot! Swimming it is!

It’s safe to say Krka is spectacular. I was beginning to get a bit fidgety on the travel up to the park (although I have to note that Ernest our tour guide [Portal Day Tours] did a stellar job of keeping us entertained with tales of his family’s vineyard and other local stories), but gazing at the water from the vantage point from the top of the hill, I realised it was well worth the long coach journey. Despite it being peak season, in the height of summer, and the park rammed with other like-minded tourists, it was still pretty darn beautiful; take an amble around the park and hear the soothing sounds of the cascading falls…

‘Oh my god, look at the colour of the water!’




Taking a short hike to the bottom waterfall I discovered the swimming area. It wasn’t as crazy busy as I thought it would be – overhearing a few people walking by, it seemed that many people didn’t realise you could take a dip, and hadn’t packed accordingly. All the better for us!

Straight away I regretted not bringing water shoes – it was rocky as hell underfoot and the current was strong, I found myself having to squat down to keep myself balanced, shrieking, clinging to slimy boulders, and attempt to make my way out in a kind of hunched up, goblin-like struggle – really attractive. With all ten toes well and truly stubbed I’d made it out to the deeper waters closer to the falls; okay and now chill!

Could stay out here forever. Might have to, as I don’t know how I’m getting back – eek! Hell, At least this view isn’t half bad, right?



The Round Up:

We booked our trip for around £43 per person online through Portal Day Tours, which we then sorted out via their office in the city centre, when we arrived. The tour itself was a long day, but Ernest treated us to some stops along the way, showing us some breath-taking panoramas of the lakes, passing through a village for lunch (cold meats, cheese, olives and bread plus a sherry or two!), and later heading to Sibenik and then to Trogir where we left the group. We also booked our rafting trip with the same tour company, which was awesome. I’ve now made it a mission to return to Croatia one day and take a trip up to Plitvice lakes, which I’ve been told are utterly stunning!

Croatia, you do do National Parks well!


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6 thoughts on “Exploring Croatia: Day Tripping to Krka National Park

  1. Glad you loved Krka as much as I did, I’ve been to both and Plitvice is on another scale, it is huge but it is also so crowded I much preferred Krka. To be honest I think any of Croatia’s NP’s will be stunning, it’s such a gorgeous country!


  2. I’m currently sat in my cold room in the middle of Winter so these photos definitely invoked a little (okay, A LOT) of wanderlust! It looks like you had a lovely time 🙂


      1. Yes, we spent two weeks in croatia, mainly exploring the Dalmatian coast but we made the journey to Plitvice. I lost my hat over there, was blown away by the wind and ended up in one of the lakes 😀 So I had to buy a very touristy hat haha :p

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