February Round-Up

First of all – Happy March! I won’t harp on too much about just how fast this year is flying by, but it is, right? It isn’t just me? Anyway, there is a definite upside to the beginning of this new month; we are edging just a smidge closer to springtime, and boy can I not wait for those longer days and lighter evenings. UK winters nowadays are less snowy wonderlands and more a sad drizzle of grey for three months of the year.

So, looking back on February, it’s been a busy one, in work, play and travel.

We usually go abroad in this month as a combi birthday/valentines celebration, but opted for a staycation instead. It was Jamie’s choice, he couldn’t get the time off, besides he’d never been to York and was keen to discover this charming northerly city. I didn’t mind, I had made it my mission to explore more ‘local’ sights around England after realising that yes, I’d been lucky enough to visit a fair few countries in Europe, but back in Blighty, I’d kind of spent most of my adult life restricting myself along the same old commutes, bouncing to and from university or work.

York was pretty chilly and we were greeted into the city by a steady shower, but on this occasion this less-than-ideal weather didn’t dampen our spirits, mainly thanks to York’s fabulous English pubs! We were only there for a day but still managed to participate in our own mini pub-crawl that included a great place called House of Trembling Madness which was the perfect cure for our Belgian Beer cravings. Read more about my visit here.

The rest of the month had been a real mixed bag, and I’ve been wearing myself quite thin. First off, I’ve managed to complete a painting that I’d been creating as a commission, I’m really happy with the final result though so that’s taken the pressure off. I’ve also been getting stuck in with my house improvements which are bloody hard work but it’s fantastic to see such a great project come together. Work has also been pretty intense with a lot going on there too, so all fingers and toes crossed that March is going to be a little easier on me, eh?!

Safe to say my March break cannot come quick enough; in nine days I’ll be jetting off to the Catalonian coast to find out what I’ve been missing in the city of Barcelona. Just today I’ve booked my entrance tickets to Park Güell and La Sagrada Familia so I’ve firmed those visits into my itinerary, totally ready to get my Gaudi on, on Friday!


[Image Credit: ParcGuell.cat]

Oh, and my blog has also been nominated for a Liebster Award, which is really sweet, so please go and check out my post and have a nosy through my own nominations!

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4 thoughts on “February Round-Up

  1. I’m going to Italy on the 19th of March and I’m very excited ! I’ve never been to Barcelona but I would love to visit. We chose Italy because we managed to get our fly ticket for £9.99 each way. Bargain ! Hope the weather will be good.

    I love York ! It’s not too far away from where I live and I love walking on the little cobbled streets 🙂


    1. Hey – thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked my post.
      I sort of have, in a small way – mentioning major focuses in my life, like my house improvements and my painting, my hobbies. I think you just need to brainstorm big achievements, changes in your life, goals and things that you are working towards and it should come together? I think of it like a work meeting – it’s like, okay guys, let’s review what we’ve done, what went well, what we were challenged by and then let’s look forward to the month ahead – what excites us?
      Hope that helps a little?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a good idea….and I’m leaning towards the big achievements one. Perhaps because achievements inspire your future goals (in a way) and coupled together could really shape a lifestyle-y roundup! thanks- xo.


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