Lisbon and the Algarve: Portugal in a long weekend.

We were invited to spend a few days in May in the Algarve again this year with my partner’s parents in their timeshare apartment by the coast. This was all good, and having been the previous year I know the Portuguese coastline is pretty stunning, but there’s only so much lounging about this girl can do, and my urge to see different places took over, so I thought I’d use the opportunity and convinced Jamie to book us up a night in the country’s capital Lisbon.  

I figured we had a day and a half in the city before our long train ride south, so we had to use our time wisely, but at the same time not pack our itinerary so full that we would be super stressed about the whole experience. Most of my friends had already been to Lisbon, so it was just a case of asking them what their not-to-miss places were; ‘Go to Belem, and don’t forget to go to the Zoo!’

Sightseeing in Lisbon

It was perfect ‘discovering’ weather when we arrived, sunny, warm but with a nice coastal breeze. We checked into our hotel on the outskirts and then gravitated our way down the sea, passing by Parque Eduardo VII for that money shot!


Lisbon’s streets are very charming, there’s these little pops of colour everywhere, sunny pastel shades, the beautiful blue and white Portuguese tiling and this infectious relaxing atmosphere. Any itinerary we did have just went out the window. This place is all about taking the slow lane, finding the day as it comes.


Exploring Belem

Once we’d made it to the water front we thought we’d try and navigate our way towards Belem. After a few confused minutes hanging around tram stops and trying to figure out which way we needed to be going, a helpful local mentioned that the tram drivers were on strike today and the best way of getting there was to take a short train ride via the station across the road.


Okay, so Belem was lovely! Unfortunately my camera started playing up around the monastery area, so I didn’t have as many shots as I’d have liked. But it was great to wander around the gardens and soak up the sunshine.

We then headed for Pasteis de Belem for lunchtime. We chose to take some time and sit in for a coffee and a few pastries so after a quick wander around the many many rooms we quickly found a free table.

‘Six Natas and two milky coffees please?’

I’d had custard tarts in England of course, and frankly wasn’t a fan of this sort of thing back home. But these things were something else! It was the first time I’d had anything like this; I absolutely loved them and instantly wish I’d ordered more! Crispy pastry shell with this gooey warm centre and a sprinkle of cinnamon. (I’m torturing myself just by writing this post!).

Quick, bring me another thirty and I’ll clear some room in my suitcase. Ughhh! Where have these been all my life!

Santa Justa Lift

In the afternoon we went to check out the Neo-Gothic ‘Santa Justa Lift’. It’s kind of a tourist attraction, but actually the locals use this lift just to get from A to B from the lower streets to the higher areas, the price of the entrance is even included in a daily travel card. It’s a historical piece of engineering (over one hundred years old, completed in 1902) and quite pretty from the outside, but our main reason for seeking this out was to experience the fantastic views from the top.

Because of the popularity of this elevator, the strict capacity limits and relatively slow running of the lift, it took nearly an hour to take the carriage up, look around for ten minutes and then make our way back down again. But the views are kind of great!

Lisbon Zoo

On our second and final day in Lisbon, we chose to visit the Zoo which was only a few minutes’ walk from our hotel. I can now see why everyone’s such a big fan of this attraction. It was very well maintained, located in pretty leafy surroundings and all the animals had lovely enclosures. We managed to see the Sea Lion feeding and a dolphin show, both of which were fabulous! Here are a few photos from the day.





…And On To The Algarve

The Algarve, as pretty as it is with its rocky coastline, turquoise waters and little seaside towns, is perhaps a bit too ‘English’ for me. There’s an abundance of tourist resorts; ‘Irish pubs’ with their never ending Happy Hours and with restaurants offering a ‘Full English’ or ‘Pie n’ Chips’ to the Stag and Hen do’s that monopolise the area, which is fine if you’re looking for a cheap week in the sun, but there was a lack of different culture, local food and historical attractions to interest me. Perhaps I was in the wrong area, but I much preferred getting to know Lisbon over my time on the South Coast. After hearing everyone’s experiences of Porto though, I’m so keen to try out this area next time I’m in Portugal!





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7 thoughts on “Lisbon and the Algarve: Portugal in a long weekend.

  1. Glad you liked my city! I’m also not fan of the touristic vibe of some places in Algarve but if you go more to the East coast (between Faro and Spain) you’ll find more authentic places 😉


  2. Great pics and nice trip. I am planing to stay on algarve, visit all the place including all the beaches , natural park, islands, end of the world etc and then head to Lisbon for one day. Belem tower is my must see and castle. Then go to Seville and Gibraltar . Gonna be epic trip 🙂


  3. Like you love Lisboa but unlike you I also love the Algarve. There is lots lots more here than the beach but you do need to head away from the touristy areas in the west. Next time try Tavira or head into the hills. 😊


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