March Round-up

Why ‘hello’ there April, you’re nearly here! But first, a look back on my March highlights and what has been keeping me busy over the last few weeks…

Barcelona – Four days in Spain

My first weekend of last month was spent blissfully sipping sangria under the Spanish sun, and I managed to tick of one major bucket list item of finally standing in the shadow of the gnarly towers of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. What. A. Building! 
My short four day break to the beachy city of Barcelona was literally everything that I needed and more; the perfect kick start to my spring. We enjoyed four fantastic days of blue skies… we drank well, ate even better (Spanish food, get in my belly!) and totally succeeded in our mission to seek out the best of what this town had to offer.
This, having been my first experience of Spanish life, just left me instantly wanting more and it wasn’t long before I was googling mini-breaks to Madrid, Valencia, Seville… Whoops!

Let’s get Social…

After returning to the UK, I got offered an awesome opportunity via my Instagram account (@michaelamanning) to host of weekend takeover of the page, the perfect platform to show off my latest posts of Barcelona. This was a lot of fun and let me engage with a new set of followers!

An aim of mine was to be more pro-active in the Blogosphere, so I recently hopped on board with a whole host of Facebook groups dedicated to bringing together liked-minded travel addicts, jumping on the chance of working on some collab-posts and began submitting content for posts on other travel blogs. Not only is this a great way of getting my words ‘out-there‘, I also get to know other bloggers that work on creating similar content and a result have a ton more reading material and some friendly contacts. Win-Win!

This month I’ve been published with Roaming Required, offering up my biggest pet peeves when flying – head over to the blog to find out what made the top nine! 


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I will be sharing more posts I feature in in the coming months, so stay up to date by following me on social; Twitter and Facebook.

So what else… Loyal followers (hey there, you!) may have noticed a quick re-jig of my website.
This isn’t a permanent change; i’m still currently on the dot com version of WordPress and the dream is to eventually make the leap over to dot org, and get a swish new theme… But whilst I read up on how this all works this is me for the time being, but when i’m ready we’re going to push this thing to the next level


What’s coming up?

I’ve got two months to kick some personal projects into gear, and continue to explore places more local to me. Then, after booking the flights late last night (taking full advantage of an excellent RyanAir deal with some dirt-cheap flights) coming up in June I’ve got a great combi-trip to Bratislava and Vienna.
I’m really excited for this one, although admittedly, I actually don’t have a huge amount of prior knowledge on either of these destinations (fail!), but I’ve got my fingers crossed for great Central European food, great drink and some pretty stunning architecture. Unlike some of the more ‘obvious’ cities, neither have a particularly vocal fan base, and from what I have heard, the general consensus is a total mixed bag, both ‘Marmites’ of Europe. Regardless, they are two new places, two new country’s to explore and I’m pretty excited to get stuck into both over my long weekend away.
Any recommendations for either – shoot them my way! 


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Happy travels for the month ahead!

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