Six of the Best: Wanderlust Inducing Travel Blogs to get inspired by.

Travel is addictive, you know it, I know it. Ever since our first sweet taste of life on the road, that first solo adventure, first all-girls holiday at eighteen, or just a first flash of real freedom and the sheer excitement of being someplace new, we were utterly and completely, hopelessly hooked. And we let it; wanderlust is wonderfully all-consuming. Going travelling, writing about travelling, photographing whilst travelling, researching about travelling and reading about travelling… That’s what I most love about our ‘blogosphere’, it’s yet another outlet that lets us happily indulge in our obsessions alongside hundreds upon hundreds of other like minded travel-addicts.

Travel blogging is no new concept, but it’s something that is constantly keeping ahead of the game in ensuring our real experiences are documented, shared, read, discussed.
With the genuine risk of sounding corny as hell, we’re real people with curious minds, a persistent thirst for exploring, a mission to get ourselves educated, and the head strong determination to make our own happiness in the world.
But the demand is there for just that. When i’m booking flights for a new city, yeah, i’ll have a good flick through the guide books, the magazines, and those glossy brochures that are brimming full of suspiciously immaculate beaches, but where’s the real, up-to-date, straight down the line, no-mess, authentic accounts that are totally set up to inform, entertain and ultimately inspire your butt off?
Long before my blog was born, other travel writers were busy blogging away to bring us their real experiences. Everyone has their ‘go-to’ bloggers, but I just wanted to take a page on my corner of the web space and share with you some of my absolute favourites; those guys and girls that have worked themselves silly and more than earned their bragging rights for having some of the best blogs around.


Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren’s blog was one of the first that I ever started to read on a regular basis and I can pretty much credit for getting me interested in blogs in general. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll already know that Lauren Juliff has been a full-time traveller for years, and with years, comes experience… or so you’d think! Lauren’s globe hopping blog documents her travel wins and fails as she muddles her way from one stop to the next. Her down-to-earth, completely relate-able writing style is what sets her apart, and her posts are full of genuine mishaps, which give us readers a good giggle! (Sorry Lauren – with you, not at you I promise!)
As she embarked on her world-round trip, which was originally only meant to be a stop-gap, she was still battling anxiety, eating disorders, had suffered a recent break-up and hadn’t really got to grips with stuff like, uh, how to catch a bus…! Now a seasoned traveller (and after catching many buses), Lauren has shown that anyone, even when the odds seem to be stacking up against you, can succumb to wanderlust and make travelling the world totally achievable on a budget.



Nomadic Matt

I couldn’t not mention Matt, right? King of the travel blogging world, Matt Kepnes has been everywhere, done everything and he’s not showing signs of stopping; his website is almost always the first one I check when researching a new place. His concise and personable overviews of a wide range of destinations are super informative and totally honest, weighing up the good, and not so good. Matt also never seems to neglect his other social channels, and I love keeping up with him on Twitter and via his Facebook page.



Little Grey Box

A total gem of a find, I only recently came across Aussie girl, Phoebe’s blog this year, after setting up my own. Phoebe’s blog has swiftly become a firm favourite after she won me over, not only with her regular new posts about her travels, but also her super-helpful, detailed tips and tricks for fellow budding-bloggers. Rather than keeping her cards close to her chest, I totally admire her honest, ‘sharing is caring’ attitude. Totally fan-girling now, so hope you’re not blushing too much Phoebe! But LGB is a blog to look up to; the design is pretty darn gorgeous, and you can lust after those travel shots for hours, pair that with her super relatable and quirky blogging style, with posts that cover a variety of subjects – Phoebe’s on to such a good thing here!




Partly down to my huge love of all things Icelandic, I’ve become an avid reader of American girl, Kiki’s blog as she documents her expat life in the world’s most Northerly capital. After falling head over heels for her ‘Viking’, Kiki writes candidly about the challenges she’s faced following her up haul, but also posts super wanderlust-inducing articles about her adopted country; spend too long on Kiki’s blog and you’ll have already got half-way in booking your one way flight to Reykjavik and signed up for Icelandic language classes. Kiki – you got us feeling all green-eyed girl!



Twins That Travel

I originally discovered these two gorgeous globe trotters via their uber popular Instagram page and eventually began regularly logging onto their website to follow their ‘honest and authentic’ travel-related musings. These guys are always hopping on a plane or a train and off to discover somewhere new, so there’s always a tonne of amazing content to get inspired by.



Mollie Bylett

Yet another young super-female who’s making her way around the world, treating us to a personal insight into her adventurous and fun loving lifestyle with interesting destination guides and fun videos and snaps on her Instagram. I love her easy to read, super cute blog and simple to mirror itinerary’s. Travel is just one of Mollie’s focusses, but this Londoner is also keen on keeping fit, healthy and on trend, so her blog is a perfect mix of pretty much everything and she does it all SO well!



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Who’s been a travel favourite of yours?


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8 thoughts on “Six of the Best: Wanderlust Inducing Travel Blogs to get inspired by.

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    1. Haha, no problem! Great job with all the fantastic posts on your blog – I’ll be back in Iceland for a third time in September, I’ve chose to hold my wedding in Vik, after getting engaged at Jokulsarlon in Feb last year! To say I’m excited is an understatement. Can’t wait to get back!


  2. Good ones! And some I’l going to go check out right now! I have a long list of blogs I read. I’m a fan of Kristin Addis’ Be My Travel Muse, Amanda Williams’ A Dangerous Business, and Jodi Ettenberg’s Legal Nomads! (I’ve got a ton of others if you need new reading material)


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