April Round-up

Hey there May! It feels like I’ve only just done a round-up post, and here we are again starting a new month. So, what did April bring for This FP Planet?

Spring Spruce up!

Regular readers and subscribers will have noticed the shiny new branding and sleek new layout. Yup, this is me now, so how do I look?! *twirls*
Personally, I’m chuffed to bits with my premium WordPress theme purchase. My old blog theme was sort of bumming me out, and my motivation was waning slightly because of it. As a former art student, I was really concerned over the aesthetic, and this brand new theme has put a smile back on this bloggers face. Navigation has improved ten-fold and everything looks cleaner, sharper… Sure it set me back a few bucks, but it was totally worth it!

Travel Plans; Bratislava and Vienna! 

So travel-wise, again it’s been a quiet one, rather I’ve mainly been researching the pants of Bratislava and Vienna trying to ‘star’ all of the must-see sights and recommended bars and cafes onto my Ulmon City Map app. Interestingly enough, It does seem as though Bratislava is having a bit of a moment; after appealing for travel information via my social, loads of fellow bloggers messaged me telling me we were travel-twinning and that Bratislava is also on their destination hit-list for 2016. In addition to this a handful of bloggers on my WordPress feed managed to make it over to this Slovenian capital just this month, so my WordPress Reader was jammed full of everything ‘Slovakia‘; I’d be curious to see if their tourism figures have had any significant peak for this year against the last!

So far I’ve got a list as long as my arm (and most of my leg) for places to eat in Bratislava and a fair few pointers about where to go in Vienna which include cake, cake, cake and uh, more cake, so make sure to check back in with me next month to see how I go about the impossible and try and fit all these into my short but no-doubt incredibly sweet three day va-cay.

Brussels and Berlin?  

So, what else…? Well, you already know that I’m off to Brussels later on this summer for four days of food, but also – beer! And I’ve been tentatively toying with the idea of a return trip back to Berlin, after the success of last years’ Internationales Berliner Bierfestival in August. Whether or not that’ll happen I’m sure will be down to the Skyscanner gods; if there’s a deal to be had, I’ll be having it! But regardless, for me summer is all about the freshly pulled pints and beer garden bliss, wherever I’ll be!

Collaboration Opportunity – Beer in Europe!  

Which brings me nicely to my next point; next month I’ve got big plans to publish a collaborative post that champions all the incredible beer-related haunts around Europe and I want to include everyone’s favourite. So what do I need from you? Ever found a fantastic pub on your travels, a quirky beer garden, visited an amazing brewery, taken part in a beer crawl tour, want to recommend a great beer festival…?
I’m seeking a couple of paragraphs from you all, plus one or two good quality photographs to include in what should be one epic beer-bible blogpost.

All submissions should reach me by 30th May 2016 via email: michaela.s.manning@gmail.com

Featured in… 


[Image Credit: ForTheLoveOfWanderlust.com]

Speaking of working collaboratively, last month I was thrilled to be mentioned in Jodie’s (ForTheLoveOfWanderlust.com) fabulous post featuring 46 bloggers who shared their favourite man made sites around Europe. The end result is an incredible collection of some of Europe’s greatest sites, including my submission; Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik.

Other posts this month have included my round up of my favourite travel bloggers and my review of La Boqueria Market pop up event in Old Spitalfields, London


What have you been up to in April? And what’s coming up for you?

4 thoughts on “April Round-up

  1. I love Vienna! I hope you have an amazing time there 🙂

    I went to Bratislava 2 years ago (before it was cool. Hahaha) on a day trip from Vienna. We did a free walking tour, which was great. I really liked it there and would definitely stay longer if I had the opportunity.


    1. No problem Paige – was a pleasure! It was a fab list to read through wasn’t it? This is why I love Europe. Gave me quite a few other sites to add to my bucket list.
      If you’ve got anything to contribute for my collab post, you’d be more than welcome. If not, no sweat! x 🙂 Happy Wednesday!


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