Monthly Round Up: May

The Calendar is telling me otherwise, but It really doesn’t feel like June! Here in the UK we’ve still got a heavy covering of clouds and everything’s 50 shades of dull. Hey summer, where are you at!?

Meanwhile, I’m just about to start the first of my four trips in four months after a couple of months of keeping it local. So there’s something to get excited about!

Next up for me is Bratislava with a planned day trip over to Vienna, then in July I’ve got four days in food and drink heaven in Brussels, August welcomes an extended weekend to Germany for the Berliner Bierfestival (Yes, I ended up booking it!) and with September brings wedding bells for yours truly in Iceland! Obviously I’ll be all over all of these trips on the blog so do remember to subscribe if you want to hear about my travels!


versatile-blogger-awardIn other news you may have read that, as I approach my six month blog-versary, I was recently nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award, which is fantastic!

Lisa at From Dream To Plan was kind enough to give me the thumbs up, and I’d urge you to head on over to her space on the web and have a read of her blog too, as I’m also a big fan of what she’s up to! Also find out who I nominated… 

Thanks so much!

Featured in…

This month I’ve worked closely with Lynne from Wander Your Way, in creating a destination guide all about one of my favourite countries; Slovenia! Read all about it Here [Blog Post: Pint Sized Slovenia] 

I also contributed to her fantastic collaborative post on European drinks. [Blog Post: It’s Summertime, Where’s your drink?] 

Bit’s from me…

SimpliSafe asked me how I kept safe whilst traveling, so I shared with you, my 13 pointers on how to look after yourself and your belongings when you’re abroad: [Blog Post: 13 Ways to stay safe (and sane!) on your travels]

I also had a think about why Iceland is so special to me, ahead of my upcoming nuptials. [Blog Post: 8 Reasons Why I’ll always Return To Iceland]

And finally shared with you why makes my home city awesome! [Blog Post: Learning To Love London]

I’m going to keep it short and sweet, because I know I’ve got loads of blog posts coming up over the next four/five months… off to pack for my flight!  

2 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: May

    1. Thanks! Leaving ‘onnnn a jet plane’ (read singing), tonight so i’ll be tweeting / instagramming about my upcoming trip soon! Fingers crossed for good weather for me though, reports of storms in Bratislava at the moment! Eek! At least I should have lots of pubs and bars to keep me safe and dry!


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