June Round Up

So, torrential downpours, flash floods and grey skies across the UK… yeah pretty much a standard English Summer. Sadly we don’t get to pack the macs and wellies away just yet and the dust will continue to gather on your flip flops.

With the drizzly outlook over in my neck of the woods, both in regards to the weather and the political situation playing out in the UK right now (Brexit fever grips the nation!) I feel like June has been a long one…

Travel Updates

I started off the month right with a combi-trip over to central Europe, staying in the Slovak capital of Bratislava for three nights with a day trip over the boarder into Austria to briefly explore Vienna.

Bratislava was a whole lot more than what I was expecting. I booked the trip without much prior knowledge of the city, and thought that even if the city underwhelmed, at least i’d have the promise of cheap beer and hearty central European food to fall back on. As it happens though, Bratislava is ridiculously cute, with a gorgeous, petite old town, fabulous cafes and bars and an interesting history.

I’m now recommending everyone I know to not miss out Slovakia on their travels, it’s really not one to be overlooked.


I spent four hours in Vienna. Yup, just the four. But i’m super-speedy when I want to be and we managed to whizz around a few of the main sights and get our fill on Schnitzel and ApfelStrudel. Needless to say, four hours just wasn’t enough to see this expansive city, but we gave it a good shot and i’m glad to have made the train journey over there.


Blogging Updates

I published my first collaborative post about one of my favourite subjects; beer!

I was pleased so rally the help of 10 other travel bloggers who were able to recall their favourite beer experience’s across the continent. As a say, it’s by no means an exhaustive list but mentions some of the big beer-y bucket list places alongside some more quirky, lesser known haunts. Have a read and add your favourite in the comments!

I’m also helping Sarah over on Moon and Forest Blog with her Instagram Travel Challenge. If you’re looking to spruce up your IG feed and want to connect with other travel bloggers on Instagram this is for you. I took part in one at the beginning of the year and it was great fun. I gained a few more followers, followed a whole lot more and re-energized my IG page.


Other than that, I’ve been busying myself with research for Brussels! 

Subscribe to my blog for updates on Belgium later on this month.

7 thoughts on “June Round Up

    1. Hi there! I couldn’t say exactly what a two day itinerary would look like as I only went for a day, All i know is that I would have loved to have also seen Hundertwasserhaus, the colourful apartment block, Schönbrunn Palace, Prater amusement park, and Naschmarkt, which was closed on the Sunday I visited. I also missed out on having any Sacher torte! So make sure you have some of this! Otherwise I think it’s totally do-able to see the main sights in a couple of days, it seems pretty walkable and we used the metro system once, which was easy enough 🙂 have fun!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The Instagram photo challenge looks fun – I might just join! Enjoy your upcoming trips!

    (P.S. I think you may have a typo – you mean “Slovak” capital instead of “Slovenian” capital in your link to the Bratislava post? 🙂 )


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