Review: Purple Parking Meet and Greet at London Luton Airport

I’m a fairly organised gal; I like spending weeks planning my breaks almost as much as actually being there (…almost!).
I like trawling through TripAdvisor to find the best budget restaurants, clicking through Hotel price comparison websites so make sure I’m confident I’ve bagged a bargain, spending hours on Twitter, following hashtags, finding bloggers’ guides, or thumbing my way through Instagram to find the most amazing locations!
Basically, I’m one big travel nerd.
Although, I admit, I do get caught up in the ‘fun’ planning bits, so much so that sometimes the slightly more mundane parts of travel get side-lined…

Sorting out insurance perhaps… it’s 100%  vital but a total chore, or getting my passport renewed, boring but again *pretty* important if I actually want to go anywhere ever again! Or parking – airport parking, that thing I always put off doing!
Choosing a car park package that always demands you cut short any beauty sleep, drive to the airport about 17 hours too early (just in case!), locate a parking space in the middle of the night and wait and wait and wait for that transfer bus, (which you always *just* miss, it’s not just me right?! It can’t be just me…) and trundle towards the terminal on a route that takes you the scenic tour to Timbuktu and back again, which seems to take forever and a day.
It just gets annoying having to spend money on something that is *always* such a hassle, right?

If only it were simpler, huh?

Purple Parking clearly feel our woes, which is why they got in touch and let me know all about their Meet and Greet Parking Service.
This month I was flying out of London Luton Airport, on, yet again, another super early flight (maximizing holiday time is key!), this time bound for Warsaw, Poland, plus this was my ‘birthday holiday’ (the big two-seven!) so it felt like the perfect time to treat myself to something that promised to make my life that little bit easier!

Rising early, blinking the sleep from our eyes, we drove the short 45 minute drive to the airport. The instruction on our booking confirmation were clear and easy, pretty much just ‘drive up, drop off, and walk up to the terminal’. But being the skeptic I am, I was curious to see if in reality it really was that simple…

Well, the car park was easy enough to locate, and navigating to the drop off point was also pretty easy (spot the hi-vis helpers!), we pulled up in an available spot and one of the Meet and Greet team sorted us out with our ‘ticket’ on the spot. He was awfully chipper for silly-AM on a nippy November morning, and was able to helpfully explain that when we come to pick up the car upon our return, we simply dial the number on our ticket after making it through passport control and they’ll scoot the car around to the same location.
Oh umm, that’s everything?’ ‘Yes! And the terminal is that way…’ he directs.

Hopping over the road, we were a mere couple of minutes walk from the Luton Airport Terminal building and already making my way towards security with boarding pass in hand, thinking of my Pret a Manager breakfast muffin… I was genuinely impressed!
No stressful queuing, no waiting around, no laborious paperwork.
Just simple service in record time and my holiday had started!

Having now had my eyes opened to the luxury of Purple Parking Meet and Greet, It’s a service i’d certainly recommend! It just worked.
I can now book my Meet and Greet knowing that It will afford me an extra half an hour in bed, (or an extra half an hour in duty free!), or just knowing that my holiday will be off to the best stress-free start possible, and even better, knowing that when I slap the tarmac back in Blighty and just want to get home that our car will be ready and waiting to load and go!

Fancy booking up your Meet and Greet parking service for your next flight?

Purple Parking operates from some of the UK’s busiest airports, so when you want to make your life a bit easier Click here to book

*Disclosure: We were generously provided with a complimentary session from Purple Parking in return for an honest review of their Meet and Greet parking service. All opinions here and across my blog, are as always, totally honest and completely my own.

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