This FP Planet – About Me & The Blog


Hi, I’m Michaela!

I’m a keen traveler, and you’re here because you are too. 

I spent a large portion of my life in my hometown of Lincoln (small city in rainy-Blighty, not to be confused with the other city of the same name across the pond!). I spent my childhood, tweens and teenage years pacing the cobbled streets of the ‘Shire until eventually scrambling out from the nest and moving to Leicestershire and Kent.
After two years, I made roots in London and It wasn’t until a lot later that I caught that pesky travel bug and I decided that a single annual holiday just wasn’t enough.
It was light-bulb moment when I discovered that travel wasn’t as expensive as I imagined I have since been slowing making my way across Europe, whether it be eating my way through all the street food, drinking with the locals in an underground bar, hitting the big tourist spots, taking selfies with famous landmarks, road tripping through the country, or simply taking a stroll around a new neighbourhood.  

I invaded this small corner of the web in early 2016 to show you it’s not all about packing your bags and hitting the road. I’m not a full-time traveller, It’s totally possible to slave away at a 9-5 job and still seek out new experiences, without spending too much in the process.
Essentially, I’m all about having your cake and eating it. It’s surprising how much of the world you can see on the odd long weekend… or six. 

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