Seven Countries, Eleven Cities, Nine Days: One Ridiculously Epic European Road-Trip

Liechtenstein views of the Swiss Mountains Beautiful scenery and green fields road trip through Europe

If you’d believe it, this trip was simultaneously slightly spontaneous and totally planned out. To explain… mentally, I’d dreamt out this type of trip for a long, long while; tracing an imaginary line on Google maps and thinking up mini-itineraries, but I never thought I’d have the time or the guts to complete a complex […]

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A Guide To 48 Hours In Luxembourg City & Why You’ll Want To Book A Trip Too

We already know everything we need to know about Luxembourg, right? A tiny tax haven crammed on the cross roads of Germany, Belgium and France. Surely not the first place you’d think about visiting for a bank holiday weekend? Well, sure, probably not. In all truthfulness, I wanted to visit Luxembourg because my unintentional avoidance […]

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