Seven Countries, Eleven Cities, Nine Days: One Ridiculously Epic European Road-Trip

Liechtenstein views of the Swiss Mountains Beautiful scenery and green fields road trip through Europe

If you’d believe it, this trip was simultaneously slightly spontaneous and totally planned out. To explain… mentally, I’d dreamt out this type of trip for a long, long while; tracing an imaginary line on Google maps and thinking up mini-itineraries, but I never thought I’d have the time or the guts to complete a complex […]

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Around Europe in 13 dishes. A foodie’s guide to European cities.

Why do you travel? We all have been bitten by the travel bug for one reason or another; some travel for fear of missing out, others’ like to board that plane to find themselves, many of us are doing it out of sheer curiosity, some of us enjoy ticking off the big bucket list sights, […]

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