Uncovering The Best Of Venice (On A Budget!) In Just 24 Hours

A view of the Gondolas in Venice on the blue water on a summers day in the sunshine

Despite grappling with the heavy muggy heat of visiting Italy in mid-summer, my first impression of Venice was a huge surprise to me. Like most, I could appreciate the bucket-list allure of this romantic city of waterways, but I was wary about subjecting myself to the hellish ‘high-season’ crowds I’d be warned about. Previous holidays […]

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Around Europe in 13 dishes. A foodie’s guide to European cities.

Why do you travel? We all have been bitten by the travel bug for one reason or another; some travel for fear of missing out, others’ like to board that plane to find themselves, many of us are doing it out of sheer curiosity, some of us enjoy ticking off the big bucket list sights, […]

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I went to Rome, and didn’t love it…

I’ll just kick this off by saying, Rome wasn’t my cup of tea. On my travels, I’ve seen a fair chunk of Europe already, fallen deeply in love with a few places, amazed and inspired by most, and pleasantly surprised by others, but I was gutted that Rome left me feeling so ‘meh’. I was really […]

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