A Long Weekend in Helsinki: How to Experience This City in 72 Hours

Helsinki Cathedral in the Sun white with a domed roof with trees obscuring the view in Finland

Okay, so Helsinki is one of the lesser-visited European capital cities, which baffled me; the city seemed to tick a lot of boxes! Fins are known for their sauna culture, moomins, of course, for having more heavy rock bands per capita than anywhere else in the world, and a word in their language ‘kalsarikanni‘ that […]

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The Blue Lagoon and beyond: Iceland’s geothermal pools.

If you were to ask me what my favourite thing about Iceland was, wallowing in a Geothermal pool would certainly pip my top three. These naturally heated pools are said have health benefits and are a great social activity; a core part of Icelandic culture, and honestly, have you even ‘done‘ Iceland if you didn’t at least tick off […]

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How To Spend A Long Weekend In Budapest

Booking up for Budapest sort of happened on a bit of whim. It was one of those places I’d seen the Instagram posts of the Parliament Building… and uh yeah, that was about it! But anyway, we’d found a couple of cheap flights so it was good chance to see what Hungary has to offer this […]

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